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Have your lights turn on automatically as you enter a room

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Turn on your smart home, triggered by motion

With trajectio, your Phillips Hue lighting and Sonos speakers can be turned on by your motion. Walk from living room to kitchen and your music will follow. No more unlocking your phone and messing with sliders or voice activation.


Chose what turns on and when. Walk out of the room and feel at ease that everything turns back off, automatically.


Only want your lights to turn on during the evening? You can do that.


Using inexpensive wireless sensors, you can place sensors anywhere in your home.

Convenient and economical

Trajectio helps you to get the most out of your Hue, LIFX, Tradfri and Sonos. You have made a significant investment in smart lighting and speakers, so get the full value out of them by having them turn on and off automatically according to your motion and schedule. Simply plug in Trajectio, create zones and connect sensors with live track to have fully automated light and sound in your home. Walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and have your music follow you; you'll never miss a beat.

Save energy - up to £15 a year on lighting alone

Switching to LED bulbs will have already saved your household approximately £35 a year. Having your lights automatically turn off when you're not in the room could save you a further £15. Extend the life of your bulbs and speakers by automatically turning them off when you're not using them.

Manage your home via phone or computer to see which rooms are used most and when. See who called by or when your delivery driver really turned up with our wireless doorbell kit.

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Designed with style in mind

Trajectio is a small and sleek device with wifi built in, meaning you can place it anywhere in your home. We use widely available, radio frequency, wireless sensors which use AAA batteries so that you can afford to have as many sensors as you like, wherever you like. Use your Sonos speakers to pause music and play a doorbell chime when someone is at the door, and receive a phone notification too.

Super easy to setup

You can have trajectio set up in minutes. Power up and connect to wifi to automatically scan your home for LIFX, Tradfri, Hue and Sonos devices. Create zones to match your home's rooms and turn your sensors on one by one... and that's it, you're good to go! You can setup and manage trajectio using your phone or computer.

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A solution for any home

Pre-order Trajectio now via our Kickstarter campaign.

1 x Trajectio unit
4 x Kerui smart sensors
1 x Lloytron wireless doorbell
1 x Trajectio Unit
6 x Kerui smart sensors
6 x Lloytron motion sensors
1 x Lloytron wireless doorbell
Great for larger homes
Doorbell alerts to your phone
1 x Trajectio unit
4 x Kerui smart sensors
4 x Lloytron motion sensors
1 x Lloytron wireless doorbell

Trajectio will ship in glossy white and black.

We're busy building, please leave us an email address and we'll keep you up to date. 

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